Friday, January 9, 2009

Cartoon Fridays! #2

First off, we need a different title for this if its going to be a wildly popular weekly item (though how "wildly popular" could it be with only 2ish people who read our blog). Aren't reoccuring things supposed to have catchy names that draw people in? And by catchy names, I mean alliteration? Here are some ideas for the new title going forward:

Friday Funnies
Humorous Humdingers
End-Of-The-Week Entertainment
Last-Of-The-Week Laughables

Before you say anything, the answers are: yes, I found a thesaraus; yes, the last two are incredible lame; and yes, I need help. Please help me.

Letme know if you have any ideas of what I could name this. Remember how important this is, we're saving the world.

And now: an oldie, but a goodie.


  1. I don't know, I think that exclamation point is pretty persuasive.

  2. Hey Zach & Kristen! We just saw your blog on Joel & Elizabeth's. What a small world! Just wanted to say hi. We heard about the diabetes and wanted you guys to know you both are in our prayers. You guys are so strong and encouraging. :o)

  3. hey what happened to you guys!?! no more blogging???